Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Wow it's been a while i know...
anyway here is the update!

Yep arctic wolves!I want one as bad as you may.Though my friends heather28th had one and she was kind enough to show us the actions!

Here is her standing


taking a nap or in other words sleeping



and doing the hula XD

it cost $16.00 though...

i dont have any party pictures but the image to the side is a turtle!

a new dolphin game and another video.

The game is for members only though :|

the rings give you a speed boost!

Liza  is in the news!

an article about her is in the daily explorer if you want to read more about her.

they now call them alpahs though!
I like shamans better

they aslo have new shaman,umm i mean alpha backrounds!

also i may have a featured artsit every new post and i looked at all the drawings and loved every single one but this one got my attention:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Back With a New Update

Sorry i was gone again.our computer had problems :|

Well anyways the new update is here!
Yes, we finally got the turtles.

So adorable.....

Here is my Ninja Turtle!!

sorry about  it being be blurry.

we also have a new pet party! (more info later)

finally a new den contest! I think a circus den would be cool to have!

all carnival items half off and new costumes!
click the picture of the costumes and you can see them.

if you want to see what the complete girl outfit looks like here it is:

kinda cute actually

you can buy gems online now.The monthly member gift is a golden phantom!

here is what it looks like in my den:

and randomly here is another gold phantom in a den

There are also some new items.

a kite and racoon tail!

and a wavy bookshelf!

i also insted of a banner have a signature!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Update!

Yep foxes are FINALLY here.

Here is what they look like:

and here are the actions:

This is sit



and play!

Now we have to wait two MORE weeks for turtles! But the art studio is fun,look what i made!

i think i did farily good.

i don't really like the den shop.I thought it would be were you can get limited dens.

so i came up to the shop and...

i think this is a little rude because now it kinda seems like all the non members can do is look and hope they get a membership.and you can buy dens in your den...

the settings button is cool.But it says 999 days of my membership remaining....
thats more than a year and i got my membership last september....

wow 50 MILLION gems! If we reach 100 million they will bring monkeys back!

same samurai penguin,i think they should have a new oufit every update.

and a reminder about humming birds.

I also found a new glitch i call "The Shadow Tiger Glitch"

see the tiger behind,weird...

well Carnival items are now a bit cheaper.

and now there are some new (and expensive) plush!

i like the dolphin.


and i restarted my story blog.
here is the link to see it

please read it!